Imports and exports of goods

Import and export of goods is one of the most vital factors in economic cycle of each country. Literally import means entering or providing the field of entering goods into the customs territory of a country. Export means transferring or sending goods to somewhere in the country or from the country to abroad. According to import and export laws in Iran, importing and exporting products are divided into three categories: authorized goods, conditional goods, and prohibited goods. Authorized goods in which the exportation and importation of goods requires no license. Conditional goods term refers to commodities that their issuance and entry need to obtain a license. Prohibited goods are the products that their issuance and entry is prohibited according to terms of Sharia or Islamic Laws.  Pursuant to specific laws or particular requirements the government can ban the import and export of specified goods. Importing and exporting statistics can provide marketers and sales experts with a good understanding of a product’s market. Nilasa International Transportation Company can do importing and exporting of your goods in accordance with customs regulations in the shortest possible time.

Decisive clearance of goods

Clearance or decisive clearance of goods is said to allows customs department that the product in question to clearance and out from the customs department. After the departure of goods from the customs places, goods are outside the control of customs department. As you know, because of complexity of customs clearance of imported goods is usually done by a person other than the owner called customs broker. At all stages, the task of customs broker are as follows: goods documentation including insurance, bill of lading, invoice, certificate of origin, clearance forms, and also owners of documents including business cards, national ID card. If you want to enter a certain goods to country you should authorize or permit any organization and the permit must be attached to documents. Setting statement and documents that must be attached to your file for customs clearance of goods is a difficult process that only experts and business specialists’ are able to do it. Nilasa international transportation company business experts can be good for you because they are familiar with clearance issues and laws. We are with you in all business dealings such as certain entry goods and certain customs clearance goods. 

Car Kapvtazh

Car Kapvtazh or car Kaptazh means that car temporary permission to exit from country for one year. Surely travel and adventure people heard this idiom. In fact, all people who wish to travel to neighbor countries and watching other attractive and spectacular places in the world are familiar with this term (Car Kapvtazh or car Kaptazh). If you are traveling man and like land travel and its adventures, your first step after obtaining the country's passports and visas, is the car Kapvtazh. In order to travel to the other countries, we need an international transit plaque and certificate for traffic in other countries that say it Kaptazh. Other services of Nilasa international transportation company, is car Kapvtazh. You can give us all your car Kapvtazh services. Required documents for car Kapvtazh are as follows: company’s original car document, car ownership certificates, owner national ID card, the presence owner or attorney after car Kapvtazh with transit plaque, an international prospectus is issued that car technical specifications and car owner information listed in it, who is required to carry it when leaving the border. Car plaque transit is permanent and is belongs to the same car , it is valid for one year and you as the seller's when selling the car must give prospectus and transit Plaque.

Land forwarding

This type of forwarding includes rail forwarding and road forwarding. Nilasa International Transportation Company will be with you from time of loading till clearance of goods at destination. In this collection, business experts and expertise consultants can be your best advisor in all three methods of forwarding because they are familiar with international laws and different kinds of forwarding. Choosing any of these methods (land forwarding - air forwarding - sea forwarding) according to your commodity or goods has its benefits and flaws that identifying and selecting any of this methods is only possible in consultation and discretion with expert advisors. We are with you in all phases of all customs formalities, obtaining permits and issuance of bill of lading, CMR and clearance of goods, so be with us.

Air forwarding

One of the other Nilasa international transportation company is air forwarding. This company has representing and worked directly with various airlines and can transport your goods (air forwarding), issuing bills of lading and clearance of goods from the country of origin and delivery in destination countries. The reasons why the goods owners chose forwarding services and air transportation, is a short time and sometimes low risk of transmission. Because of the unevenness of international roads and longer path, select this mode for some business owners, such as breakable items (medical supplies) is more attractive. Air forwarding and air transportation affiliated organization, is country aviation organization in international organization ICAO's level and its duties are monitor the performance of the country's airports and international transportation companies that operate in forwarding field, codification laws and air transportation terms. Nilasa international transportation company is proud to carry your goods in shortest time and safest way by forwarding air service. 

Sea Forwarding

One of the fastest goods transportation in the world is sea forwarding and sea transportation. Nilasa international transportation company transports your goods in the fastest possible time according with the laws of sea forwarding. Nilasa collection with 27 years brilliant experience in international transportation, transport and loading your goods in all Iranian ports or other countries and delivered in destination according with  sea forwarding international laws. The tasks of ports and maritime organization are international transportation companies’ performance monitoring, coastal governance, drafting bylaws and regulations of foreign and domestic sea transportation, awarding skill certificates to sailors and crews. One of the subordinate organizations of the United Nations is the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and its duty is monitor the performance of international transportation companies, sea forwarding services and codified regulations at international level. Experience sea forwarding service with highly qualified experts business of Nilasa international Transportation Company

What is forwarding? Forwarding service refers to a person or law firm that receiving the fee and provides and arranges the transfer of goods from one country to another country. The tasks of international transportation companies in forwarding part are as follows: Transportation contract with the owner of goods, issuing bills of lading, collecting cargos and warehousing, packaging (depending on the type of contract with the employer), cargo insurance (depending on the type of contract and the employer

What is forwarding? Forwarding service refers to a person or law firm that receiving the fee and provides and arranges the transfer of goods from one country to another country. The tasks of international transportation companies in forwarding part are as follows: Transportation contract with the owner of goods, issuing bills of lading, collecting cargos and warehousing, packaging (depending on the type of contract with the employer), cargo insurance (depending on the type of contract and the employer's request), do all formalities and customs operations at the origin (country) - receiving necessary permits, bills of lading and CMR (air - land - sea) – get the necessary information for transportation of goods and cargos and reporting  to the owners of cargos by type of contract - delivery of goods to the country destination customs in ground transportation and signed meeting  minutes related to added or deducted from the goods - declaration of goods to the owner of goods. Forwarding service is divided in 4 parts: Air forwarding, Sea forwarding, Land forwarding and Rail forwarding.


Carrier is immediate tenure for transport of goods from one country to another country according the type of contract and transport (Land Transportation - Air Transportation - Sea Transportation - Rail Transportation). Carrier companies have some duties such as concluding transportation contract and issuance of bill of lading, providing truck for transportation in land transportation, appropriate scheduling based on concluded contract, delivery of goods from owners or forwarder, how to monitoring of loading, providing goods documentation related to the customhouse from origin to destination and monitoring of the fast and safe transportation, delivery of cargo to the receiver in places that customhouse allowed, discharge and accuracy in deliver of cargos at destination. Carrier companies have certain obligations and rights. According to the transportation law, there are also legal rights that some of them can be mentioned: If an incident or factors occurs to goods outside the scope which causes the non-fulfillment of obligations to the cargos , the carrier take no responsibility to pay compensation, and is not liable for any inconsistencies in sealed packages or containers that delivered and to be delivered in the same form as well. Nilasa International Transportation Company, the service provider carrier, has announced its readiness to carrier your goods.

Fuel transportation

Fuel transportation or fuel and oil products transit is one of the hardest and most risky types of transportation. This type of transportation is often done by land transportation, sea transportation and rail transportation that these services are performed by special rules and regulations. Transport fuels should be done with covered vehicles to be safe from direct sunlight or rain. Among these international transportation companies should refer to the organization that coordination and path locate of origin to destination and provide a written request with declaration the owner of goods and receive license and path dangerous materials to transport fuel and fuel transit.  One of the specialties of the Nilasa international transportation company is oil, Gasoline, bitumen, fuel oil and crude oil transportation that are doing by updated and equipped country fleet transportation to all parts of the country or neighboring countries. Clearance, export and imports of crude oil and its derivatives requires expertise and experience. Nilasa international transportation company, transit your fuel with best quality and safety as soon as possible. 

Rail transportation

One of the other ways of international transports is rail transportation. Although it has many benefits, but nowadays customers are not very popular with it. Rail transportation can be given high security, more convenience and lower cost after ground transportation and air transportation. However, Rail transportation could not play an effective role in international transportation or transit of goods in recent years and ground transportation is also at top of the table as the most important international transportation and transit of goods. Maybe in following years, transportation industry should work more in develop the rail transportation industry and knows the importance of rail transportation that one of its advantages is its low risk. Rail transportation can be one of the most important economic hubs in transportation industry and it needs officials more attention to continue to work more seriously.  Nilasa international transportation company as a service provider of international transportation is ready for rail transportation. 

Air Transportation

Air transportation is one of the ways of international transport. NilAsa international transportation company to ease the work of their customers has also this transit shipment method. The personnel of NilAsa international transportation company ensure you that transport your goods to the other countries by air transportation at the minimum possible time. Knowing the rules of the air transport plays an important role. NilAsa international transportation company services in international air transportation are as follows:

• Creating a palette

• Create and sealed with a protective twist

• Provide internal labels and bills of lading for the shipment

• Export or import air cargo

• Protection and transport

• Door to Door Delivery

• Dangerous cargo handling capabilities

• Cargo Insurance

• rent aircraft charter and part charter

Land Transportation (Transit)

Land transportation (Transit) is the main services of NilAsa international transportation company. This company has more than 27 years experience in ground transportation (Iran - outside the country) provides the best transit services. All vehicles of NilAsa international transportation company have standard that it would guarantee health and safety of goods and either speed of transportation. All our vehicles have CMR insurance which enables us to offer these services without get a license from a third country. The personnel of NilAsa international transportation company answer you seven days a week and twenty four hours a day and either proficiency in transit and international laws and languages ​​of the world, will secure your goods to reach the destination. Experience ground transportation or transit of goods with us. 

Marine Transportation (Transshipment)

NilAsa international transportation company is one of the pioneers in international transportation transit of goods that is a provider of marine transportation services (transshipment).NilAsa international transportation complex use of skilled and experienced personnel that will transfer your goods with lowest possible time and with minimal cost by sea way. NilaAsa international transportation company offer you two ways of marine transportation, LCL and FCL for transit your goods. Experience marine transportation with NilAsa complex:

Advantages of our marine transportation services are as follows:

• High standard in universal service

• Reliable service with competitive rates

• Transit time (passes) special and fixed contains the entire situation in the transport Continuum

• The performance ratio / wonderful price

• Very high degree of flexibility


Our services include the following conditions:

• Integration of services

• harvesting and carrying with truck

• Transportation

• Follow-up and care

• Insurance

• Customs clearance

• Place of delivery

• Transportation of dangerous cargo

• Export / Import/ LCL / FCL

• Compilation of documents issued

• Insurance and document review

• Export and import customs clearance

• Multi-state transport