Imports and exports of goods

Import and export of goods is one of the most vital factors in economic cycle of each country. Literally import means entering or providing the field of entering goods into the customs territory of a country. Export means transferring or sending goods to somewhere in the country or from the country to abroad. According to import and export laws in Iran, importing and exporting products are divided into three categories: authorized goods, conditional goods, and prohibited goods. Authorized goods in which the exportation and importation of goods requires no license. Conditional goods term refers to commodities that their issuance and entry need to obtain a license. Prohibited goods are the products that their issuance and entry is prohibited according to terms of Sharia or Islamic Laws.  Pursuant to specific laws or particular requirements the government can ban the import and export of specified goods. Importing and exporting statistics can provide marketers and sales experts with a good understanding of a product’s market. Nilasa International Transportation Company can do importing and exporting of your goods in accordance with customs regulations in the shortest possible time.