Carrier is immediate tenure for transport of goods from one country to another country according the type of contract and transport (Land Transportation - Air Transportation - Sea Transportation - Rail Transportation). Carrier companies have some duties such as concluding transportation contract and issuance of bill of lading, providing truck for transportation in land transportation, appropriate scheduling based on concluded contract, delivery of goods from owners or forwarder, how to monitoring of loading, providing goods documentation related to the customhouse from origin to destination and monitoring of the fast and safe transportation, delivery of cargo to the receiver in places that customhouse allowed, discharge and accuracy in deliver of cargos at destination. Carrier companies have certain obligations and rights. According to the transportation law, there are also legal rights that some of them can be mentioned: If an incident or factors occurs to goods outside the scope which causes the non-fulfillment of obligations to the cargos , the carrier take no responsibility to pay compensation, and is not liable for any inconsistencies in sealed packages or containers that delivered and to be delivered in the same form as well. Nilasa International Transportation Company, the service provider carrier, has announced its readiness to carrier your goods.