Car Kapvtazh

Car Kapvtazh or car Kaptazh means that car temporary permission to exit from country for one year. Surely travel and adventure people heard this idiom. In fact, all people who wish to travel to neighbor countries and watching other attractive and spectacular places in the world are familiar with this term (Car Kapvtazh or car Kaptazh). If you are traveling man and like land travel and its adventures, your first step after obtaining the country's passports and visas, is the car Kapvtazh. In order to travel to the other countries, we need an international transit plaque and certificate for traffic in other countries that say it Kaptazh. Other services of Nilasa international transportation company, is car Kapvtazh. You can give us all your car Kapvtazh services. Required documents for car Kapvtazh are as follows: company’s original car document, car ownership certificates, owner national ID card, the presence owner or attorney after car Kapvtazh with transit plaque, an international prospectus is issued that car technical specifications and car owner information listed in it, who is required to carry it when leaving the border. Car plaque transit is permanent and is belongs to the same car , it is valid for one year and you as the seller's when selling the car must give prospectus and transit Plaque.