Abbreviation trademarks of international transportation industry

CIF = acronym for Cost, Insurance and freight means that the insured cargo and shipment cost (rent), in this way, the seller is responsible to pay for marine cargo insurance against loss of or damage.
CIP = acronym for Freight or Carriage and Insurance Paid to, in this way carriage and insurance paid to destination and the seller's responsibility ends upon delivery to the first carrier.
CMR = acronym for Convention Merchandises Routiers means a contract for the international road transportation of goods.
CMR TRUCK By way bill = is called the truck bill of lading.
Cabotage = transport goods between ports in another country, to carry goods from one port to another port along the coast and is known as cabotage.
Carrier = refers to the consignor. Carrier is one of the most important tasks of an international transportation company.

International affiliated organizations to transport

Nowadays international transportation of goods have effective and significant role in supplying the roles in different countries that contribute to the economic cycle progression and provide a surplus of one country to other countries, thus expanding the international marketing activities. Among these, some economic experts, knows the dependent of development shipping industry to grow production and other experts knows growth of production depends on growth in the transportation industry however each of the growth and development cause the country's economic progress.
Dependent international organizations related to the transportation industry in the country are as follows:
Law Enforcement Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran
Organizations associated with international transport within the country

International transportation rules

The international transportation industry has a common law and some countries require respecting to these generally and particular laws that these rules are more than 60 conventions, agreements and protocols that in this article we have discussed the most important ones:
The customs rules:
It is the country's customs laws that should be run within the country.
International Commercial Terms (Incoterms)
It is the set of rules that used in Chamber of Commerce for the interpretation of trade terms.
TIR Convention
A set of international rules (between countries) refers to the member countries of the convention on the border vehicles that are not inspected unless in the suspicious cases.